general unsatisfaction

Well I slept through class again, and the first email I got for signing up late for a 150 person lecture class was that he was somehow taking attendance and more than 4 was grounds for failing. Which was today, for the record, but it only matters if the two weeks I wasn't signed up for counted as absents? what about the time I was there and it wasn't my class?
Do I even care what grade I'm getting, as long as I learn something and feel fufilled?
(The answer I keep reminding myself is yes, dammit, I did that one already.)

So here's the dive back into acadamiea, whatever that is, and I shall battle grades and knowledge for a certificate of really impressive looking, so people will believe me when I claim profficiency at something, even though it'll still be almost a lie, and I'll be terrifed. That's probably why I still can't get paid for anything.

mostly there's Someting Missing. It's hard to feel achievement without a challenge, and nothing's ready to pose that for me, so I need to go find a hobby or quest, and see how that goes.

Finally I'm taking classes with people in my major, now that they've created their clicks and groups and old jokes, and I've got awkward pauses and uncomfortable chairs?

End on a high note though. My hairs all fluffy now.

Oh, I got back in.

So I went over to campus, to do some paperwork and whatnot, nothing exciting. In and out real fast, maybe talk to an advisor person.

then I ran into Carolyn, and then whats-her-name, and saw Taylor walking past from a distance. I noticed mybe five other folk I'd never met, but recognized from around campus. I realized a thing, that I had been taken out of existance for months, until now, or soon anyway. I was about to reinsert myself into life, into these lives, place them back into mine. nothing significant, they might not even notice.
Since the spring, the only people I saw were close friends, people I've known for years. Soon I'll be surrounded by aquaintances and could've-been-friends and people I don't know but might talk to anyway. There's a certain mindset for that, not a shell, but its more normal and polite and friendly maybe, that I haven't brought with me, that I need to fish out and dust off, figure out how to but it on again.


This might be awkward.

(no subject)

It's early again but not enough to stop feeling late too. I'm supposed to be writing about how I've learned my lesson and want to get back in the system, play the Man's game and whatnot. So instead I'm writing this, like it helps, (maybe trying alittle not to sound like an angsty little emo kid again).
what do I right about here?
There's too much I want to do now, aside from sleep, which always wins in the end. I need to write, draw, play, call you, and you, plan some things and some other things, all without providing you, the reader, with information. well.
So instead I'll ramble here, get sleepy, and conk out until work.

Seriously, though, I'd call you if I ever had time, it used to be class, work, sleep, class, awake all night when no one else is, and repeat. But class just ended, so I'll call you, maybe even see you at some point. a crazy plan.

3 min (7 %) remaining

Soon as I start writing I can't stop now, I've got the world to write about and to (mainly just you), and nothing nothing nothing swishes round my brain at late/early this evening/morning.
I'll scream and rant by brain out, away and beyond, and then someone will ask what was there, but it's all gone.

maybe a little disappoiting after all this time

Perhaps I should update more, if whirling thoughts and emotions kept secret ever settle or congeal in my head, pick a direction and thoughts aren't seperated to the surface and to the deep deep place where I need a flashlight and no one else can even see.
9 minutes left, lousy laptop battery.

as soon as I know what I'm thinking, maybe I can show you something in writing.

Junk Goats, Ruddfuckers, Autobots Heavy Metal, Broken Jaws, and the Great Nugget Caper

The problem with sideways eight things happening in just one week, is that I'm having trouble remembering everything, and especially not chronologically. Whee!

We stopped in baltimore for dinner, meeting Maia's friend Rebbecca. who I knew, but didn't, and not really. She transferred from washu to an art school there. She took us out to a vegan place somewhere, and I ate what claimed to be tofu something, but seemed alot more like beans and rice. delicious beans and rice though. and gingerbeer is.. gingery. and tasty. but more gingery like: THIS IS GINGER! IN YOUR MOUTH! *kick*
(Her art school had a building that looked like a sandcrawler made of ice for some reason, maybe so jawas could sneak up on droids hiding in the arctic instead of tatooine?)

We went to charles%&$@# (cough, cough), pennsylvania. It was cold, and the places we looked for were missing or closed, and we instead found a store called "Candy, Cones, & Chaos." Since it was roughly negative eightythousand degrees outside thanks to windchill, I had me some eggnog ice cream.
They were out of Chaos, but the lady working there was slowly being driven into a bitter, jaded madness by the looping CD on the speakers of 12 nearly identical candy themed songs. Meanwhile, a large screen in the wall played clips from Speed Racer and Willy Wonka for some reason.

At a CVS/pharmacy, Paul threw up and me and richard dressed up like easter bunnies. I got paul a get well card from the cards section, and found the most adorable peeps. ever.

There's apparently a Transformers movie from the 80s, and half the soundtrack is actually rocking heavy metal, with face melting guitar solos.

Wendy's is delicious, but kentucky has only one of them, and nearly incurred richards wrath after we drove almost the whole length of it before finding a Wendy's. They clearly need more, because this one was packed.
Richard also ate 27 chicken nuggets in a Wendy's in Pennsylvania, and later declared himself in love with Wendy.

We stayed at Tom's great grandmother's house on the last night, somewhere in west virginia. She was roughly the smallest person ever, in contrast to Tom being remarkably large. She made us breakfast with the help of a lady named Ruth, who made jokes and had had hand surgery. There was an orange-with-swirls cat called Mommy Kitty, who I also named Princess in my head. Her favorite person was Richard, because he was allergic to cats.
We had to pack and leave quickly after breakfast, or else T'sGGM wouldn't stop giving us food for the road.

We bought nerf guns at some point, in large quantities, and had epic battles in most every Motel6 in the north east. Nerf makes two guns these days, a six barreled revolver, and a machine gun like weapon that can rapid fire about twenty darts.

We drove past a big ole' hill that was surrounded by freeway on one side a junk heap of dead cars on the other three. the hill was inhabited by a group of goats, who presumably ate cars. or grass, i guess.

While swordfighting in the middle of the night outside another Motel6, richard almost broke my jaw with a solid swing to the face. to be fair, i got him in the crotch once or twice.

The Wheels Keep on Spinning Round

is, Monday? ex-monday, 1:00am-ish at the DC. We've gone New Orleans, then east and north through florida, gorgia (the smelly state), Roanake virginia, and the carolinas to the big D.C. Batman runs a hotel here and every food place downtown makes a politics reference, even a sports bar. the bums are assertive and small hebrew speaking girls refer to themselves in the "we" form meaning "us men".

New Orleans is delicious and messy, we couldn't find a place to stay there so we drove out to alabama instead, a quick two hour drive.

At rest stops we sword fight over lava, and laugh at Diet Rite machines.

I imagine the washington memorial is a Transformer, constructed to defend the Lincoln and WWII memorials.

With the exclamation of "It's Go Time!", the Air and Space Smithsonian is so much more fun.
Pictures could be posted, but I don't get how exactly to do that. maybe later.

We were forced to chug drinks before entering the Museum, as it seemed less wasteful than just throwing them away. Nothing bad happened, except really cold brains and I couldn't stop burping for about a minute.

we spend everother day or so driving 14 hours straight, pausing only to sword fight and for dramatics. otherwise we sing, sleep and read in rotation. The way-back is a collapsable trunk seat that is more of a half seat, and the only confortable position in it is to curl up on your back and prop legs on a window.

Bed is now, We're trying to visit the capital tomorrow, and driving to somewhere in Philly, then Boston, and back?

Oh! and other than me, "we" is Paul, Maia, Richard, and Tom. Only one of which you've met?


to new orleans, florida (barely), philly, DC, and maybe new york. We'll eat delicious foods, sight see, and eat dinner with someone's great grandmother. that's next week, I'll tell you about it later.